Cappadocia is the central region of Anatolia, right in the middle of Turkey

As if it had been torn from a fairy tale and set on the plains of Anatolia, Cappadocia is a geological singularity of hills and imposing rocks of supernatural beauty. The fantastic topography is matched by the human history of the region. The people who lived here used the soft rock of the region, seeking subterranean shelter and leaving the field filled with fascinating cave architecture.

This rocky wonderland has been shaped by millions of years of natural phenomena, but human hands have performed equally incredible works here.

Erosion has shaped the incredible landscape of the valleys of Cappadocia, Turkey, but thousands of years ago humans followed Mother Nature’s example and began to create an incredible complex of chambers and tunnels in soft rock. From the fourth century AD, an urbanized but underground cultural landscape was created here.

Human hands have done incredible works here. The rocky wonderland is a network of human-made caves; lodgings, places of worship, stables and warehouses were all dug into soft stone. In fact, the tunnel complexes formed entire cities with up to eight different stories hidden underground.

And geologically speaking, ancient volcanic eruptions covered this region with thick ashes, which solidified into a soft rock – called tuff – tens of meters thick. Wind and water have been working on this plateau, leaving only its hardest elements to form a fairy-tale landscape of cones, pillars, pinnacles, mushrooms and chimneys, which extend up to 40 meters in the sky

Visiting Cappadocia for the first time is as visiting the moon: Fascinating and unforgeteable!

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